Call Upon Us To Freshen Up Your Wooden Fence Wood

Residential Fencing is excellent for adding security and privacy while improving the appearance of your yard. But over time, moisture, and time are all very important. Mildew and dirt are gathering, color fades, your fence becomes useless. Fortunately, Chamblee Fence Company, Inc. helps people in Georgia with over 60 years of experience. We would like to help you maintain a great wood residential fence all year round.

Follow The Rules

Chamblee Fence Company, Inc.  recommends that you stain the wood regularly so that your wood fence will look great. How often? Well, this really depends on many factors but a good testing rule is to take a little water and put it onto your fence if your fence is ready for fresh stain. The wood residential fence is not ready to stain if the water pearls up. If the wood is absorbing the water, read it as it is ready to stain. 

Benefits In The Long Run

And while the advantages of painting your wood fence are present, at Chamblee Fence Company, Inc.  we feel your fence staining is the most effective and efficient way to maintain the look and feel of a wood fence in the long run.

The Benefits Of Staining Your Wood Residential Fence

* Stain gets into wood better than paint, so that the color fades with time, not with chipping or peeling.

* Stain absorbs into wood better than painting does.

* Protects against strong U.V. rays on your fence.

* Keeps a safe and great natural colour.

* Extends your fence's life.

* Protect your fence against mold, mildew and fungus from causing damage

* Prevents cracking and division of your fence.

* Restores the look and feel of your wood fence.

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