Smyrna Fence Installation Company 

With six decades of experience, the Chamblee Fence Company can meet your every fencing need. Proudly helping both home and business owners in need, our Smyrna fencing company has a variety of fencing solutions to choose from. When you come to us for your next fencing project, it’s something we take to heart. As a family owned business, we understand that you need a competitive price, and we offer just that. Our competitive prices are matched with unparalleled customer service to provide you with an easy process, where we guide you every step of the way. 


We understand not everyone is an expert in fencing, which is why we will work diligently to understand your needs and create a practical solution to create a high quality fence. 

When you come to us with your fencing project, we’ll ask a few questions to get started and understand what you are looking for. These questions may include: “Is this for a home or business?” “What is your reason for adding a fence?” “What type of fence are you looking for?” “How large is the property that the fencing project will be for?” 

Our Smyrna fencing company can provide both wood and metal fencing, for any home or business. When done right, fences can last for years. Our fencing contractors are fully trained and are prepared for just about any situation. Whether it’s a storm that came through quickly, or a fence that’s long overdue to be replaced, we have seen it all. 

We’re more than just another Smyrna fencing company. Chamblee Fence Company is the industry leader in all of Georgia, providing our state with quality fencing for 60 years. We vow to provide top-notch fencing and a great customer service experience the entire way. Contact us today to learn more. 


Wood Privacy Fence

Wood Picket Fence

Wood Rail Fence

Wooden Rail

Cedar Fence


Chain Link

Steel Fence

Montage Fence

Aluminum Fence

We also use Vinyl Fence on our product line in case vinyl is more conducive for your next project in mind. To get some inspiration or a professional opinion on what might be the best option for your fence project please give us a call and set up a free estimate.