Why choosing Fence Installation Smyrna should be easy

Any fence company that has been around for 60 years has the experience to build you a fence that lasts for many years. Our focus is always on making sure our customers are 100% happy. This means excellent service from everyone on our team, whether it's the team installing the fence, the project manager or our sales representatives. 

Why Fence Installation Smyrna is a preferred fence company in Smyrna

Chamblee Fence Company, Inc. provides more than just fences. We supply the joy and satisfaction of seeing the fence you always wanted, installed on your home or business property. We know that if you want a security fence, that you need the peace of mind that your property, assets and loved ones are protected. 


At Fence Installation Smyrna, our fences fulfill many different purposes. A pool fence will help save the life of your child and a picket fence could help keep out the neighbor's dog. No matter what you are looking for, Chamblee Fence Company, Inc. will build a fence that lasts and fulfills its purpose. 

After 60 years, we have installed every type of fence created under the sun. From entry gates for gated communities to privacy fences to keep out prying neighbors, we know how to build fences that last.

How it works

After your first call to us, we will send our team to evaluate your property and provide guidance on the best type of fence and material to use in building it. We will provide you with a free quote and upon acceptance, we will have our team begin the job on time and finish at the agreed time. We promise to keep you informed and happy throughout.

Our expertise transcends to different types of fences, such as wooden, wrought iron, steel, custom gates, and all types of residential and commercial fences. Our fences will improve the aesthetics of your property and increase its value. Contact us today for a free quote.