Fence Installation Lithonia - We are experts in Building Quality Fences

One question we get most at Chamblee Fence Company, Inc. is about the best type of material to use for building a fence. Our expert fence contractors have years of experience building fences using wood, Alimunium, wrought iron, steel, and so many others. 

Below is a list of three of them and the different aspects we consider before building a fence using this material:

1: Wood - Wood has for years been the number one fence material in Lithonia. It always looks good and is quite versatile. We have built many pool fences, picket fences and privacy fences, to name a few, using wood. At an affordable cost, and simple enough to install, it can have one drawback. Wood, unfortunately, needs consistent maintenance. This is even more so when living in an environment which is always humid. If not properly maintained, a wooden fence can become rotten, have mold grow on it and begin to sag. 


2: Chain Link - As an expense, a chain link fence installed by fence installation Lithonia is cheaper than wood, or vinyl as a fencing material. As a material, chain link fences are flexible enough to stand up against strong winds and falling tree branches, much better than most other fence types.  As an added security measure, it also is difficult for an intruder to cut through. As a backyard fence, its strength means this is the standard material used, including pool fences and privacy fences. Aesthetically though, chain link fences are not as appealing as some other options. It may not always work in a residential setting and could also rust which doesn't help its cause. These are great though for commercial fence installations, including installing fences inside a warehouse to help partition off certain areas.

3: Wrought Iron - This is our premium quality material at fence installation Lithonia. The costs though can be overlooked if you are wanting something special. These types of fences are normally built for upscale homes and government buildings. This is because it is very difficult to cut through, so an intruder will have no choice but to climb over it. For this reason, many wrought iron fences include sharp post toppers - decorative, yet dangerous. These post toppers can be as dangerous as any bared wire. 

For durability, a wrought iron fence can withstand damage that would leave other fences destroyed and can look as good as new after many years, after installation.

So call fence installation Lithonia today for a custom-built fence that will add value, security and more, to your residential or commercial property.